Sunny went missing in the Claremont, Ontario area:

Lost May 28th, trying to find his way home.

Sunny was seen throughout the Rouge River Valley and just north of the Metro Zoo. He was as west to Markham/ Stouffville and north to Uxbridge (Goodwood). Sunny was seen as far east as the Greenwood Conservation area, Whitby/ North Oshawa area.

Sunny travelled the vast rural, agricultural and conservation areas that are boxed in by the above noted developed areas. The main power lines and CP/CN railway lines, throughout the area, enabled him to move around with limited visibility for us to see him. Many of us spent countless hours and days hiking these lands, driving the roads, looking and calling for our Sunny.

All veterinarians & Animal Control & Humane Societies extending well past the areas, multiple Rescue groups, Facebook connections, Paramedics, police, Internal Metro Zoo, Golf Courses, Conservation Officers, Gas stations, Post Offices & Postal servers, Courier services, Security Personnel of the Green Back, school bus drivers, local stores, farmers, households, Animal Communicators and a Professional Tracker were all alerted to Sunny's disappearance and assisting where ever they could. 

Kijij and Craighurst list were also posted. The entire 'sighting area' -and further- was inundated with hundreds of colour/ laminated photo posters and many hundreds of flyers have been handed out to individuals and rural mail boxes. Pickering Mall and GO station received handouts, as also those who attended "Markham Barkham" festival.

Sunny was up to date on his Rabies Vaccination. 

He was double microchipped (US HomeAgain & 24 Petwatch chip & Chip registered with CKC)

He was dearly missed and we knew he wanted to be back at home.

Heartfelt thanks to the numerous people who  dedicatedly helped look for Sunny.


Sunny is linebred Chips.... 


ASCA/ SKC/ AKC Champion Briarbrook's State Of The Art, CD


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CH Briarbrooks State Of The Art 

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The Herdsman Of Flintridge
Heards Allspice of Flintridge

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 Ch. Adelaide's Scotsman of Windermere

Ch. Windermere's Sunshine Of Bonnie Blu, CDX
Blue Heather of Windermere

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Ch. Cactus Flower of Coppertone 




Sunny is a Ravin' son...



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Ch Rhiannons Lil Diamond Ch Jimmee Blue of Adelaide CD
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Sunny is OFA GOOD/elbows certified clear & eyes certified clear


*Sunny was bred to Nomi,

resulting in four special, lovely pups




*Sunny was bred to Suzy.

this too was a beautiful combination.


Suzy x Sunny

Photo by Rom