Base Borden Soaring Group

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Well what we tell you about the BBSG ??

Here is some history and info about us:

A few members founded the Borden Gliding Club in 1974, and later in 1975 we became a not for Profit Organization called the Base Borden Soaring Group - BBSG. On the 25th of May 1975 BBSG had its first flight with our first club glider C-GNPF. The experience of Soaring is so over whelming that it has to be shared with others. As a recreational activity of the CFB Borden Personnel Support Programs (PSP). BBSG is devoted to the fostering the sport of soaring. To this end it attempts to supply the best glider pilot training available with the facilities at its disposal.

 As a not for profit organization, BBSG aims to provide its members with the lowest possible flying costs, and by doing so, depends greatly upon the cooperation and diligence of all its members. Teamwork and cooperation not only allows the BBSG to keep the costs of flying at a reasonably low level but also allows the fostering of the friendly and congenial atmosphere characteristic of the gliding fraternity the world over.

 Members consist of people from all walks of life and cultures from the surrounding communities. This provides a rich and friendly atmosphere to learn and share the experience of flying.

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